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New Fixx Pacifiers

  • Crystal Fixx Adult Size 10 Pacifier

    Crystal Fixx Adult Size 10 Pacifier


    Are you tired of sleepless nights and the constant annoyance of snoring? It's time to try Fixx - the revolutionary pacifier designed specifically for adults that will help reduce snoring and improve sleep quality. Made from soft, hypoallergenic silicone,...

  • Fixx Adult Pacifier - Gold Star

    Fixx Adult Pacifier - Gold Star


    Introducing Fixx, the adult pacifier designed to support individuals dealing with addictions. Whether it's food, smoking, or any other challenge, Fixx is here to help you stay strong. Each time you resist temptation, reward yourself with the gold star...

  • Fixx Adult Pacifier - Daydreamer Mouse

    Fixx Adult Pacifier - Daydreamer Mouse


    Being in littles' headspace is a delightful experience that allows individuals to embrace their inner child in a safe and caring environment. When using our adorable new Fixx, with its cute little mouse floating with a balloon design, littles can immerse...

  • Fixx Adult Pacifier - Penguin

    Fixx Adult Pacifier - Penguin


    Introducing the adorable Rave Penguin Fixx Pacifier! This adult pacifier is specially designed for ravers and EDM goers who want to experience a fun and soothing sensation. The Rave Penguin Fixx features a cute little penguin design and a new improved...

  • Fixx Adult Pacifier - Bunny

    Fixx Adult Pacifier - Bunny


    Fixx is the ultimate pacifier designed exclusively for video gamers, reminiscent of your most beloved in game bunny. Say goodbye to snoring and sleepless nights, and embrace a new level of gaming comfort! Fixx boasts an innovative quad gauge teat,...

  • Fixx Adult Pacifier - Toucan

    Fixx Adult Pacifier - Toucan


    Fixx - the revolutionary pacifier designed for adults, featuring the delightful toucan, a symbol of socializing and harmony. Are you tired of the never-ending stress and looking for a way to unwind? Look no further than Fixx, your ultimate companion for...

  • Fixx Adult Pacifier - Giraffe

    Fixx Adult Pacifier - Giraffe


    Introducing the fantastic Fixx - the sassy seafoam pacifier with a giraffe-twist! ?? Hey there, tired adults! Are sleepless nights and snoring driving you bananas? Well, it's time to giraffe-tastic sleep with Fixx! ?? Say goodbye to snores and hello to a...

  • Yellow Fixx Adult Pacifier - Lion Mane

    Yellow Fixx Adult Pacifier - Lion Mane


    Introducing the Mane Event - Fixx!  Roaring nights got you feeling like a sleepless lion? Tired of snoring ruining your king-of-the-jungle sleep? Well, fear not! The mane attraction is here to save the day! Meet Fixx - the ultimate pacifier for...

  • Fixx Adult Pacifier - Sloth

    Fixx Adult Pacifier - Sloth


    Hey there, tired night owls and weary dreamers! ? Are you fed up with snoring stealing the spotlight during your slumber party? Say goodbye to the snore-fest and join the sloth plane with Fixx, the ultimate pacifier for adults, designed to make your...

  • Fixx Adult Pacifier - Airplane

    Fixx Adult Pacifier - Airplane


    Attention all party pilots and EDM enthusiasts! Buckle up and get ready to soar through the night with the ultimate high-flying, bass-dropping experience! Picture this: you're at an electrifying EDM party, the beats are pumping, and you're soaring higher...

  • Fixx Jumbo Adult Pacifier - Astronaut

    Fixx Jumbo Adult Pacifier - Astronaut


    ? Launch into Cosmic Comfort with Fixx! ? Are you tired of counting stars instead of sheep due to snoring? Blast off into dreamland with Fixx, the ultimate pacifier for space-traveling adults! Say goodbye to those noisy nights and embrace the tranquility...