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Latex Pacifiers

  • Fixx Disciplinary Pacifier

    Fixx Disciplinary Pacifier


    Embrace discipline with this unique latex Fixx pacifier. Crafted specially for those looking for a true mouthful of a pacifier, and those who need an extra firm reminder to behave. The cherry pop nipple shape ensures comfort during prolonged use, ideal...

  • Fixx Jawbreaker Pacifier

    Fixx Jawbreaker Pacifier


    This giant pacifier is designed to fill your mouth with fun and excitement. Get ready for an unforgettable experience with this colossal accessory! With meticulous attention to detail, the Fixx offers an unparalleled experience that combines discipline...

  • Huge adult pacifiers

    Fixx Behemouth Binky


    Loved by thrill-seekers, feared by the faint-hearted. Made for those unafraid to embrace the colossal fun it brings. Can you take on the challenge? The Behemouth Binky awaits big-mouthed adventurers like you. With meticulous attention to detail, the Fixx...

  • Fixx Sissy Silencer

    Fixx Sissy Silencer


    A tantalizing blend of discipline and delight that will leave you craving more! When words falter, let this pacifier take the stage, offering both a gentle reminder and a touch of amusement. It's the ultimate fusion of control and playfulness, designed...

  • Mighty Mouthful Latex Pacifier

    Mighty Mouthful Latex Pacifier


    Feeling nostalgic for simpler times? Meet Mighty Mouthful! Built with a size 6 guard and a super-sized latex size 10 nipple, it's perfect for those who find Fixx pacifiers too big but size 6 too small. This fun and comfy pacifier brings back childhood...

  • On Sale!
    Adult Hybrid Size 8 Latex Classic Pacifier

    Adult Hybrid Size 8 Latex Classic Pacifier

    Was: US$89.99
    Now: US$53.99

    These pacifiers come in a varierty of fun colours. Made with functional teats allowing complete inflation and deflation while being used. Designed to resemble the MAM style guards seen on baby pacifiers. This pacifier features a unique hybrid size 8...