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  • Koala Adult Bottle Buddy
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    Koala Adult Bottle Buddy


    Looking for a fun, cute way to level up your cuteness while enjoying your favourite Rearz bottle? Introducing the Critter Caboose Koala Bottle Buddy! This adorable plush koala will insulate your bottles, keeping them warm and protected. Here are some key...

  • Sippy Spout  Bottle Nipples
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    Sippy Spout Bottle Nipples


    These soft duck bill nipples are designed to fit in any wide neck baby bottle, including our line of glass Rearz themed bottles. Specially design fast flow can be used for older babies/toddlers with poor sucking strength. The flow rate of feeds can be...

  • Super Sized Spill Proof Cup

    Super Sized Spill Proof Cup

    US$6.99 - US$24.99

    Looking for the ultimate sippy cup that will last for years to come? Look no further! Our Super Sized stainless steel sippy cup is exactly what you need. The ultimate Super Sized Sippy Cup that will completely change the way you enjoy your drinks is...

  • Personalized Adult Baby Bottle

    Personalized Adult Baby Bottle


    Create the bottle of your dreams with our Adult Baby Bottle Customizer! Using a clear glass bottle as a canvas, you have the freedom to customize your bottle to make it your own. With a measuring guide to help you along the way, you can choose your font...

  • Vintage Adult Baby Bottle

    Vintage Adult Baby Bottle


    Vintage Adult Baby Bottle Besides the printed measuring guide this bottle is completely clear of any marks. The perfect bottle blank for either customization or that classic vintage look! This bottle is all glass with a new triple vented, fast flow...

  • Adult Silicone Wide Mouth Bottle Nipples - 2
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    Adult Silicone Wide Mouth Bottle Nipples - 2


    Designed specifically for adults! Features an ultra fast flow suited for all types of liquids. Super soft silicone nipple is vented to reduce gas. Broader profile more closely mimics natural breastfeeding Our medical grade silicone nipples are made to...

  • Lion Bottle Buddy
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    Lion Bottle Buddy


    Insulate and protect your favourite Rearz adult baby bottle with this bottle buddy.  Leo the lion will help keep your bottles safe and warm. This cute little plush toy stuffy fits perfectly with our adult sized baby bottles so you can be extra...