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  • Adult Size 6 Pacifier

    Adult Size 6 Pacifier


    A universe of fun colors for you! These novelty adult pacifiers are larger versions of the popular NUK 5 and come in a huge range of vibrant colors. The easy-grab handle is made with high-quality...

  • Pacifier Storage Pouch

    Pacifier Storage Pouch


    Food grade safe PUL pouches, perfect size for holding pacifiers or snacks.  Super cute and fun way to safely and secretly store your favourite pacifiers. Measures approximately 11.5cm x 11cm (4...

  • Candy Pacifiers

    Candy Pacifiers


    Cater to your sweet tooth with these candy pacifiers. It's a classic treat that's sure to satisfy, especially for all the pacifier lovers out there! A staple for littles growing up in Europe, this...

  • Fun Baby Print Pacifier Clips

    Fun Baby Print Pacifier Clips


    These stylish pacifier clips are great for using with pacifiers, play cloths, teething rings and toys, baby blankets, or saliva bibs. These universal pacifier clips are easy to use and will be the...

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Bloodied Tombstone Adult Pacifier
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Bloodied Tombstone Adult Pacifier


This is one pacifier that's sure to spook your friends! Whether you're looking for the perfect accessory to finish off your Halloween costume or you're looking to add a touch of horror to your usual...

Sunshine Space Adult Pacifier Set
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Sunshine Space Adult Pacifier Set


It's a bright new day and it's time for adventure! With these pacifiers, the universe is yours to explore. Where will you venture to today? Comes as a set of 2 pacifiers. The pacifier is adult size 6...

Wise Owl Adult Pacifier

Wise Owl Adult Pacifier


Here's a pacifier for all the night owls out there! It's the perfect companion for those who tend to be up late into the evening. Available in both steel guard and pink guard variations. The pacifier...


What Our Customers Are Saying

I didn't realize just how many different types of adult pacifier there were out there before I found Pacifier Addict. The pre-made options were already great, but the ability to create my own really impressed me!

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The regular Size 6 nipple is great, but I was looking for something more. Pacifier Addict's wide range of extra large sizes really blew me away! I was able to find the perfect pacifier for me.

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I run a nursery and always try to have a wide range of items available to satisfy my little ones. Pacifier Addict has allowed me to assemble an extensive collection of pacifiers and bottles that everyone loves.

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I'm really happy that a site like Pacifier Addict exists. Allowing each person to design their own pacifier is really innovative, and it's allowed me to create ones which are perfect for me.

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I run my own custom pacifier shop and always order my blank pacifiers from Pacifier Addict. Discreet & Fast shipping you can count on.

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