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Fixx Adult Size 10 Pacifier

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Now: US$39.99
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Fixx is a professionally engineered replacement for our German size 10 Mega Pacifiers.  Smooth finishes and to scale design make this a flawless magnum opus (great work).

The air flow, size and shape has all been carefully engineered to ensure the highest function and comfort for the user.

There is nothing like the Fixx available anywhere in the world. C'est la pièce de résistance.

The size of this pacifier is very large, and would be at least 30% larger than the other pacifiers we carry.

Very limited quantities are available for purchase, do not hesitate or you will miss out.

The shield measures 85mm*59mm (3.3"x2.3").

The silicone teat measures 63*37*28mm (2.5"x1.5"x1.1")

Washing Instructions:

Please refer to this page for care and washing instructions.

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  • 5
    Absolutely perfect

    Posted by Kristof on 2022 Jan 14th

    I was really hesitant to buy this pacifier but now that I have received it I am so happy with my purchase. This pacifier feels so perfect and is the absolute must have to get into little space. Both the shield and the nipple are the perfect size for me. I am really satisfied with this pacifier and would recommend it to any ab/dl.

  • 5
    Amazing pacifier

    Posted by nicole on 2022 Jan 13th

    A massive pacifier!! We love it! The teat is large in the mouth, which I love! And the shield is huge, which Mistress loves!! Feels really comfortable and reassuring to be sucking on! At last a real adult sized pacifier!! Thank you pacifier addict and thank you to the team who advised along the way on the best pacifier for us! Amazing job!

  • 5
    I ordered during Christmas sale

    Posted by Jacob R. on 2022 Jan 10th

    Package arrived in a quick manner and was unharmed 10/10 will order again

  • 5
    Best pacifier out there bar none

    Posted by Stefan on 2022 Jan 4th

    Honestly I’ve tried them all, the German XL the orthopedic size 8 and none have given me the satisfaction and comfort that I get from the Fixx. I think what it is is that other abdl pacifiers are so flat and the extra height of the nipple on this on makes it more proportional to my mouth.

  • 5
    Bigger is Better

    Posted by William on 2022 Jan 3rd

    There is nothing more enjoyable for an ABDL to have a pacifier that is proportioned to them. The size is unmatched to many other pacifiers out there. It makes me feel like a propper baby with the big shield. The nipple is also excellent. Its big but its also flexible which makes it very comfortable to nurse on. It is my new go to pacifier any time I baby out. Overall a high quality and super enjoyable pacifier! I would definitely recommend this to any ABDL who wants a a great daily pacifier

  • 5
    I was hesitant...

    Posted by Teddy on 2021 Dec 21st

    I was hesitant to order a new product, but I have to say, the first time I put it in my mouth, I was pleasantly surprised. It fits perfectly, and I love the increased size from the size 6. The shield is nice and big, and there's no scratchy seam on the side of the nipple like the other rearz silicon pacifiers. The only thing I'd like to see is a bit thicker silicone nipple.