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Fixx Adult Pacifier - Giraffe

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Introducing the fantastic Fixx - the sassy seafoam pacifier with a giraffe-twist! ??

Hey there, tired adults! Are sleepless nights and snoring driving you bananas? Well, it's time to giraffe-tastic sleep with Fixx! ??

Say goodbye to snores and hello to a snore-free slumber, all thanks to Fixx's new improved quad gauge teat. We promise, it's no tall tale! ??

Made from super soft, hypoallergenic silicone, Fixx applies gentle pressure to your mouth's rooftop and tongue to keep those airways wide open for dreamy sleep. Zzz... Zzz... Ah, that's the sound of a peaceful slumber! 

Cleaning up is as easy as a dip in the ocean! Fixx's convenient design makes it perfect for home use or on the go - snoring-free adventures await! 

Size-wise, the shield measures 85mm59mm, that's a seafoam stunner, and the silicone teat measures 63mm37mm*28mm - a little giraffe-sized wonder! ?

So, let's be honest, no more putting up with snoring's wild antics! Try Fixx today and dive into the deep blue dreamland you've been longing for! 

Order now and wake up to the magic of Fixx - where seafoam charm meets giraffe tranquility!

Washing Instructions:

Please refer to this page for care and washing instructions.