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Fixx Adult Pacifier - Sloth

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Hey there, tired night owls and weary dreamers! ? Are you fed up with snoring stealing the spotlight during your slumber party? Say goodbye to the snore-fest and join the sloth plane with Fixx, the ultimate pacifier for adults, designed to make your Zzz's Zen-like and full of delight!

We're not monkeying around with this one! Fixx is as smooth and gentle as a sloth's glide through the treetops. It's time to embrace the "slo-mo" lifestyle and savor the sweet moments of relaxation. ?

Picture yourself lounging on a branch, taking it easy while Fixx does the heavy lifting. Made from soft, hypoallergenic silicone, Fixx's quad gauge teat treats your airways like they're the center of attention at a tropical party! It applies just the right pressure to the roof of your mouth and tongue, ensuring your breathing is free-flowing like a lazy river. No more snores, just tranquility!

And here's a fun twist – Fixx's easy-to-clean design means you'll spend less time fussing around and more time hanging out with your sloth buddies. So, whether you're swinging in a hammock at home or adventuring through the Amazon, Fixx will be your trusty companion on the journey to dreamland. ?

Don't let the hustle and bustle of life steal your bedtime show. Step into the spotlight and experience the magic of Fixx for yourself. Once you've got it, you'll wonder how you ever snoozed without it! ?

Oh, and did we mention? The shield measures 85mm*59mm, the perfect size for a sloth's cozy hideaway, and the silicone teat measures 63mm*37mm*28mm, just like a little hammock for your mouth!

So, stop monkeying around, get your sloth groove on, and order your Fixx now! Embrace the peaceful, snore-free sleep and start living life in the slow lane, where every moment is worth savoring. ??

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