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Replacement Silicone Adult Pacifier Teat

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Teat Size:

 Adult Baby Teat/Nipple to modify your own pacifier (Teat only, pacifier not included)

Clear/Colored Silicone: These have a narrower stem than the original frosted teats, making them more suitable in the modification of baby size pacifiers. The centre is hollow and the edges are solid in the end of the teat. 

Frosted Silicone: This completed hollow frosted nipple can be used to replace your old teats in our standard size 6 pacifiers.

Teat only, pacifier not included.

Not for infants or children.

Nipple Type Size
Frosted/Crystal Clear/Coloured 50mm*30mm
Orthodontic Size 8 56mm*37mm
Cushion Size 9 62mm*43mm