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Fixx Adult Pacifier - Critter Caboose Elephant

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Teat Size:

Hey there, kiddos and little critters! Are you tired of those grown-up troubles and wish to go back to the colorful land of periwinkle joy? Well, get ready for a magical journey with the Critter Caboose elephant as we introduce the all-new Fixx pacifier!

Say goodbye to adult worries and hello to carefree days! Fixx is like a super cool gadget, not just for babies, but for big kids like you too! No more feeling like a tired grown-up or dealing with grown-up stuff.

Made from the softest, squishiest silicone, Fixx is as comfy as hugging a fluffy unicorn. It's gentle on your sensitive skin too, so no worries about boo-boos or ouchies. This magical pacifier is like a hug for your mouth, making you feel warm and cozy all over.

And guess what? Fixx is super easy to keep clean, just like magic! You can use it at home or take it on adventures - it's your perfect buddy for playtime.

So let's escape the grown-up world and have a blast like kids should! Grab Fixx now and let your imagination run wild. The shield is as big as an elephant's ear - 85mm*59mm (3.3"x2.3")! The silicone teat measures 63mm*37mm*28mm (2.5"x1.5"x1.1") - just the right size for little hands and mouths.

So, let's get ready for some littles fun! Order Fixx today and let the Critter Caboose elephant take you to a world where worries disappear and joy never ends. It's time to be a happy little kid again, and Fixx is your ticket to the periwinkle wonderland!

Washing Instructions:

Please refer to this page for care and washing instructions.