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Fixx Behemouth Binky

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Latex - Orthodontic Size 10
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Loved by thrill-seekers, feared by the faint-hearted. Made for those unafraid to embrace the colossal fun it brings. Can you take on the challenge? The Behemouth Binky awaits big-mouthed adventurers like you.

With meticulous attention to detail, the Fixx offers an unparalleled experience that combines discipline and entertainment. It stands alone in the world of pacifiers, serving as a true gem.

Get ready for an impressive size that will make a statement. The Fixx pacifier face shield boasts dimensions approximately 30% larger than our other pacifiers, creating a bold and commanding presence. Its orthodontic teat is stuffed firmly, ensuring a satisfying punishment while still adding an element of enjoyment.

Please note that quantities of the Fixx Behemouth Binky are extremely limited, so don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to experience the unique behemoth latex pacifier.

The shield measures 85mm*59mm (3.3"x2.3").

Washing Instructions:

Please refer to this page for care and washing instructions.

* Hand made teats may vary slightly in colour size and symmetry.  The natural latex may also include small bubbles or other minor flaws that to not affect use or function.