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​Take Your Pacifier Game to the Next Level with Size 8 Nipples

​Take Your Pacifier Game to the Next Level with Size 8 Nipples

Posted by Pacifier Addict Team on 2023 Sep 22nd

If you're an avid adult pacifier user, you may have found yourself wishing for something bigger and better than the standard size 6 nipples. Allow us to introduce - the game changing Size 8 Nipple.

Engineered exclusively for our brand, this innovative new nipple is perfect for bringing your pacifier experience to the next level. Keep reading to learn why you'll want to upgrade all your pacifiers to our new Size 8 today.

Addressing the Need for Bigger and Better

Our size 6 pacifiers and guards have been customer favorites for years. However, we also received feedback from longtime users who craved an even larger nipple to fully satisfy their oral fixation.

In response, we tirelessly researched, designed, and tested prototypes until finally perfecting our proprietary Size 8 Nipple - now available for all pacifier fans ready to take it up a notch.

Comfortably Fills Your Mouth

The Size 8 Nipple was meticulously engineered to be noticeably longer and wider than traditional nipples. This allows it to comfortably fill your mouth when sucked on. No more wishing your pacifier was just a bit bigger, that is now a reality!

The elongated design also enables the nipple to reach all the way inside your mouth, sitting on your tongue instead of behind your teeth. This ultra-satisfying extension makes active sucking motions easier and more effective as well.

Perfect Fit for Strong Suckers

Some pacifier aficionados have an intense, powerful sucking style that demands an ultra-durable nipple. Our Size 8 Nipple is optimized to withstand vigorous sucking without collapsing or deforming.

The thick 100% silicone construction makes this our most resilient nipple yet. So go ahead and suck as hard as you desire - this nipple can handle it! Just remember that these are not made for chewing.

Easy Upgrade for Existing Pacifiers

The best part? You can instantly upgrade any of our existing size 6 pacifiers with the Size 8 Nipple. Just swap it onto the guard for an instant nipple transformation.

No need to purchase all new pacifiers. Although once you try the Size 8, you'll want to overhaul your whole collection!

Experience the Most Satisfying Pacifier Yet

If you're craving more from your pacifier sucking experience, the wait is over. Our revolutionary Size 8 Nipple lets you enjoy maximum comfort, durability, and satisfaction.

Ditch those disappointing small nipples and treat yourself to the new gold standard - available in packs of six or individually in 3 different colours. Take your pacifier game to the next level now!

Size 8 Replacement Adult Pacifier Teats - 6
Size 8 Replacement Adult Pacifier Teats - 6
Grab Your Size 8 Replacements Today!