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Size 8 Creations | Make your next dream pacifier!

Size 8 Creations | Make your next dream pacifier!

Posted by Jacob on 2024 Jun 28th

Creating that extra special pacifier can be tricky, but with the right pieces, we're confident you can craft the pacifier of your dreams. Our extensive collection of Size 6 pacifiers offers endless possibilities for mixing and matching components, allowing you to decorate with beads, gems, and other embellishments to create a truly unique design.

However, many custom pacifier stores overlook an important element: the nipple. Size 6 nipples are often too small for adults, while some find the Fixx pacifiers too large. That's where our Size 8 nipples come in as the perfect solution. These nipples strike a balance in size, making them ideal for adults who need a comfortable fit without sacrificing style.

Our Size 8 nipples are available in three vibrant colors—clear, purple, and turquoise—adding a pop of color to your custom creations. Whether you're making a pacifier for yourself or as a gift, these colorful nipples ensure a perfect fit and a personalized touch.

With our Size 8 nipples, you can elevate your pacifier designs, ensuring both comfort and aesthetic appeal. Explore our range and start creating pacifiers that are not only functional but also beautifully customized to suit your style.

Video Tutorial on Swapping out Size 6 Nipples with Size 8!