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Sezzle - A New and Convenient Way to Pay!

Sezzle - A New and Convenient Way to Pay!

Posted by Jacob on 2022 Apr 27th

Whether you’re interested in dividing your payment into smaller pieces or desire to be a bit more discreet, Sezzle offers a variety of benefits and features we believe our customers will find useful. Today we’d like to introduce some of those features to you.

Pay directly from your bank account

For those without a credit card or PayPal account, Sezzle offers another way to pay! Connect Sezzle with your bank account and then easily pay directly from your available funds.

Better than a credit card

Sezzle allows you to divide the cost of your order into smaller pieces that can be paid over a period of 6 weeks, versus the 4 a credit card company usually provides. The initial payment is made at checkout, followed by additional payments made every 2 weeks afterwards. There is 0% interest charged for payments that are made on schedule.

Perfect for bulk orders

Sezzle is great for placing larger orders or when you’re buying in bulk, making buying high quantities simpler by spreading your payment into smaller pieces over time! For example, cases of diapers reduce in price as you add more to your cart. By buying 3 or more of the same type at once you can get a 5% discount on each case, and then use Sezzle to pay for them all over a period of 6 weeks!

Have “Sezzle” appear on your statement instead of “RRZINC”

When placing an order with PacifierAddict, normally “RRZINC” will appear on your statement as the institution you made a payment to. For those looking to be extra discreet, paying through Sezzle will have “Sezzle” appear on your statement instead.

So whether you’re looking for an easy and convenient way to pay, or want to be a little extra discreet, Sezzle is a service worth looking into! We hope that having payment through Sezzle available on our website improves your shopping experience, and makes it easier to enjoy the Pacifier Addict products you love!

You can learn more about Sezzle and how it works here.