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Pacifier Accessories - What They Are and Why They're Amazing!

Pacifier Accessories - What They Are and Why They're Amazing!

Posted by Laura on 2021 Nov 4th

Here at Pacifier Addict, it goes without saying that customization is king! Whether is a custom pacifier or one you've personalized yourself, our hope is that you find a pacifier that's perfect for you!

Pacifier Accessories

Of course, there's more to pacifiers than just the pacifiers themselves. At Pacifier Addict we have a variety of accessories available that we believe will make it even easier for everyone to enjoy their pacifier their way. Let's take a look at some of what we have to offer!

Pacifier Clips

The essential pacifier accessory! For those times when you need to use your mouth for something else, these handy clips conveniently hold your pacifier and keep your hands free. We have a variety of designs available including our brand new silicone flower clips! 

Silicone Pacifier Clip Adapter

This accessory is an absolute must have for any adult MAM-like pacifier lover!  This silicone ring wraps around the button on the front of your pacifier, creating a handy spot where a pacifier clip can be attached. It's compatible with any of our handle-less MAM-like pacifiers and comes in a wide range of beautiful and fun colours! Check out compatible pacifiers here.

Plush Pacifier Holder

These adorable pacifier holders provide the added comfort of a stuffy with your pacifier.  They come in a variety of cute baby animals such as an elephant, a turtle, a ducky and more!   Never worry about misplacing your pacifier again with you new little plushy sidekick. 

Pacifier Pouches

Sanitation is all the rage these days, and these pouches are sure to help with that and more! There are 7 different variations to choose from featuring stars, fruits, and butterflies. They're perfect if you're taking your pacifier out with you or if you just want to keep it clean at home. Then once you're done using your pouch for the day it can be thrown into the washing machine for a quick refresh! For those with custom pacifiers in need of protecting, this is an item you won't want to be without.

Adult Baby Bottle Accessories

At Pacifier Addict the fun doesn't stop with pacifiers. We also offer a wide variety of ways to enjoy adult baby bottles as well! Check out these awesome bottle related accessories:

Safari Lion Bottle Buddy

Looking for a fun, cute way to improve your experience while drinking from an adult baby bottle? This bottle buddy based off of Griffin the Lion will work to keep your bottle safe, as its soft material and plush design adds an additional layer of protection for glass Rearz bottles. Overall this buddy is sure to make playtime more enjoyable in every way, so get yours today and find out just what your bottle buddy can do for you!

Pacifier Addict Accessories

Show your love for pacifiers and all things cute with these additional accessories!

Pacifier Earrings

Take miniature pacifiers with you wherever you go by wearing these stylish pacifier earrings! They're a perfect match for any cute outfit.

Large Plastic Pacifiers

These plastic pacifiers are a great decorative piece. Put a ring on one and turn it into a key chain, or tie one up and hang it on your Christmas tree! Get creative and find tons of ways to add pacifiers into your life!

Pacifier Keychain

This elegant crystal like keychain make a great gift. The glass pacifier is available with either a pink or blue heart and comes in a little white box.   It makes a great little gift for your special someone. 

Crystal Pacifier

This charming crystal pacifier can be enjoyed for many occasions.  It can be used for jewelry by adding it to a necklace, table decorations, or even party favours at a baby shower.  They are available in blue or pink and each pacifier comes in a beautiful box, matching the colour of the pacifier and also come with a cute little bow as an added extra touch.

Candy Pacifiers

Cater to your sweet tooth with the candy pacifiers. It's a classic treat that's sure to satisfy, especially for all the pacifier lovers out there!  They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and will be enjoyed by anyone who loves a sugary treat! 

Flashing light up pacifier necklace

Be sure to stand out the next time you are on the dance floor or at a rave with this flashing pacifier!  Featuring a unique design where you are able to  comfortably rest your teeth while it is in your mouth.  What makes this pacifier even more fun is it comes with a built in whistle, so it can be used as a noisemaker too!

We hope that you've enjoyed this look into the many accessories that are available on Pacifier Addict. With these, we hope you have fun customizing your pacifiers and bottles!