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Happy Halloween - Pacifier Addict Spotlight!

Happy Halloween - Pacifier Addict Spotlight!

Posted by Laura on 2021 Oct 29th

Here at Pacifier Addict we are so happy that Halloween is finally here! Over the last couple of months we have been getting creative with some really fun and spooky Halloween pacifiers. With lots to choose from you are sure to be able to find something that you can enjoy on Halloween night or any night you want to feel a little spooky.

Bloodied Tombstone

This tombstone oozing blood will be sure to spook your friends! Featuring a premium quality tombstone cabochon and permanent vinyl. This pacifier will sure to last you for many Halloweens to come.

Candle Skull

The creepy candle skull pacifier is the perfect pacifier to use when watching a scary movie. Giving off spooky vibes, this candle skull charm comes with either a deep purple guard or a black guard.


Nothing says Halloween better than a ghost! These pacifiers come in two ways. One being in a classic white permanent vinyl with a white handle and the other being an all black pacifier with an eerie glow in the dark vinyl. Be sure to celebrate Halloween this year with your new ghost paci!

Black Cat

This black cat set is our newest creation to the Halloween pacifier line up. You will get not one but two pacifiers when you order these. Each set comes with 2 pacifiers decorated with fun black cat glass cabochons. We added a little extra touch to the guard with little jack-o-lanterns and stars made from permanently vinyl. These pacifiers will add some flair to any cat lover's attire

You can also find our entire selection of custom Halloween pacifiers here.

Lets not forget to dress up your bottle this Halloween with the Safari Plush Bottle Buddy. Not only will Leo the lion provide some cuddly comfort while drinking from your bottle but it will also insulate and protect your bottle as well.

Our team had so much fun making these custom Halloween pacifiers for you. Be sure to check back for even more custom pacifiers coming in the future.

Have a safe, fun and spooky Halloween everyone!