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Original Silicone Personalize Your Own Adult Pacifier!

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5 units

Create your own Adult Pacifier

Get the pacifier of your dreams made your way!

A universe of fun colors for you! This listing is for custom pacifiers using a Silicone nipple, Original guard, shield, button, and handle as the base. Please visit these pages for other types of pacifiers:

Premium Silicone Pacifier Creator
Original Latex Pacifier Creator
Premium Latex Pacifier Creator

Pacifiers have been used as a therapeutic trainer for speech therapy and physiotherapy. Oral appliances, although not as effective as CPAP, can play a role in the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea.

Our Pacifier Customizer offers a variety of options which allow you to assemble a pacifier exactly as you want it! Everything from the guard style, nipple style, nipple size, and pacifier color can be modified. Here’s a look at what you can expect from each option:

Guard Type: The guard is the large plastic part of a pacifier that rests against your mouth. The two main styles of adult pacifier guards are Original and Premium. In this listing you can choose the color of Original guard that you would like.

Nipple Style: Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials! Both silicone and latex nipples are available, and each will give your pacifier a different feel. *Nipples may vary slightly in size as they are made in small batches, some nipples may have slight defects and are non-refundable.*

Some nipples act more like a balloon where air is always contained within, while others will deflate and inflate as they're used. For pacifiers with Original guards, the Size 6 nipple will always contain air, while all others allow air to enter and escape.

Pacifier Color: It wouldn’t be a pacifier customizer if there wasn’t a rainbow of colors to choose from! Glittery and transparent options are available as well.

You can even add your own vinyl shape which will be sealed onto your pacifier! Enter your desired shape into the text field and then choose what color you’d like it to be.

So what are you waiting for? Dive in and create your dream pacifier today!

Washing Instructions

Do not wash with any alcohol based cleaners may damage customization. Please refer to this page for care and washing instructions.