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New Latex Made-in USA Pacifiers Available Now!

New Latex Made-in USA Pacifiers Available Now!

Posted by Andrew on 2021 Oct 8th

Pacifiers are naturally all the rage here at Pacifier Addict, and we're proud to be able to say that we stock pacifiers made all around the world! In today's blog post we want to put special focus on the ones made in the United States. You can find our complete selection of them on this page.

All of our current Made-in USA pacifiers feature a MAM-style guard with a thick gauge latex nipple of varying size and shape. "Classic" MAM guards also feature a handle that is perfect for attaching a pacifier clip to, so be sure to keep an eye out for ones labeled as such when browsing our selection! Ones labeled as "Hero" come without a handle, but a Silicone Pacifier Clip Adapter can be used to add one if you wish! Also note that all Made-in USA pacifiers have fully functional nipples which properly inflate and deflate.

So with that, let's dive in and see what the USA has to offer!

Adult Size 7 Latex Classic Pacifier

This pacifier features an orthodontic nipple that should be very familiar to those who have used Adult pacifiers in the past. The difference here is that the nipple is latex, and the Size 7 is much longer than the Size 6 you might be used to. For those looking for a classic pacifier experience, this is the one for you!

Adult Size 7 Cherry Pop Latex Classic Pacifier

This traditional cherry pop pacifier is perfect for those looking for something different! Starting with a small stem before eventually ballooning at the end, it's a pacifier that's sure to feel great on your tongue. The thick gauge latex they're made from also adds to the experience.

Adult Hybrid Size 8 Latex Classic Pacifier

Hybrid pacifiers excel when it comes to both length and thickness. Featuring a nipple with a bit of a wave in the middle, these pacifiers are very comforting to suck on as you can choose to do so either on the thinner stem or thicker bulb at the end. As with all pacifiers designated as "Classic", the guard for this one features a convenient handle!

Adult Hybrid Size 8 Latex Hero Pacifier

The nipples for these pacifiers are identical to the previously discussed Hybrid Size 8 Latex Classic. The difference here is that as these are the "Hero" version, there is no handle attached to the guard. These are perfect for those who want to go for a simpler design! Remember that you can also add a Silicone Pacifier Clip Adapter to your MAM-like guard if there are times when you would like to use a pacifier clip with it.

Adult Size 10 Cherry Pop Latex Hero Pacifier

When it comes to our selection of pacifiers made in the USA, this is the grand-daddy of them all! This Size 10 Cherry Pop pacifier provides a mouth-filling experience that is sure to please those who believe bigger is better! This pacifier is also of the Hero variety meaning that it does not include a handle.

So what do you think? These American pacifiers are big like the states themselves! You're sure to love the totally unique experience that they provide. Please note that Made-in USA pacifiers cannot be disassembled. We hope that you enjoy these new additions to our collection and that you're excited for what we have in store going forward!

View the complete selection of Made-in USA pacifiers here.