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Mystery Pacifiers

Mystery Pacifiers

Posted by Laura on 2021 Oct 14th

We have some exciting news! Pacifier Addict is now offering a new surprise product for those who like a little surprise, introducing MYSTERY PACIFIERS!

For those who love a little surprise in their life, the new mystery pacifier would be perfect for you! A special one of a kind will be designed for you by our team of pacifier decorating professionals.

You get to pick what material you would want for the teat. We offer silicone or latex. You will also get to pick what kind of a theme you would like the pacifier to be decorated in; girl, boy, or neutral. To keep it as much as a surprise as possible we have limited the options

We decorate our pacifiers in a few different ways. We offer them decorated with permanent adhesive vinyl or embellished with fun cabochons and charms and sometimes even a mix of both!

Once you have picked your teat and your theme one of our creative pacifier designers will come up with a unique fun surprise just for YOU!

So head on over to the Mystery Pacifier page now for some excitement!