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Premium Adult Cherry Pop Pacifier - Size 8

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Now: US$39.99
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Cherry Pop
Teat Size:

Large Modified Size 8 Cherry Pop Shaped Nipple with a MAM Guard

The teat is dramatically larger than most other pacifiers in our catalog

VERY hard to find and sought after!

Teat measures 2.9cm x 6.8cm (1.14" x 2.68") and is removable from the pacifier if you wish to use it with another style or colour of guard. 

These nipples may have slight defects as they are handmade are not refundable. 

 Care for Healthy Pacifier Usage: 

  • Prior to first use, wash in warm soapy water
  • Pacifier can be taken apart for cleaning
  • Pacifiers should be replaced approximately every three months
  • Store away from sunlight, moisture and oils

Disclaimer: Do not chew or bite the pacifiers nipple or attempt to dissemble the parts.